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COCO's Chicken Jerky - Carrot (Cats and Dogs)

COCO's Chicken Jerky - Carrot (Cats and Dogs)

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Introducing Coco's Chicken Jerky with Carrot: Wholesome Delights for Your Feline and Canine Companions!


At Coco's, we're dedicated to providing your beloved four-legged friends with nutritious and delicious treats. We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Chicken Jerky with Carrot, now available in a compact 40-gram pack – an ideal choice for pampering your pets.


Inside each package, you'll discover bite-sized morsels of premium, low-fat chicken jerky infused with the natural goodness of carrots, meticulously crafted to ensure your cats and dogs savor every bite. This smaller packaging offers you a convenient, perfectly portioned delight at an affordable price of just 199 INR.


Coco's Chicken Jerky with Carrot is expertly prepared using top-quality boneless chicken, blended with all-natural ingredients for an enticing flavor. We prioritize your pets' health, so our treats are minimally processed, preserving the authentic taste without any artificial additives.


What Makes Coco's Chicken Jerky with Carrot Special?

  • Premium Ingredients: We source the finest boneless chicken and combine it with the nutrient-rich benefits of carrots to maintain its nutritional value and deliver an irresistibly delectable taste.

  • Nutrient-Packed: Each bite is rich in high-quality protein, supporting your cats' and dogs' overall well-being and providing the energy they crave.

  • Perfect Portion: Our 40-gram packaging ensures you always have a fresh supply of treats for your furry friends, all at an affordable MRP of just 199 INR.

  • No Preservatives: We believe in keeping it pure and simple. Our treats are free from preservatives, offering a safe and wholesome treat for your cherished pets.

  • For All Breeds and Sizes: Coco's Chicken Jerky with Carrot is suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes, making it the perfect choice for any feline or canine companion.


At Coco's, we're committed to delivering the healthiest and most enjoyable treats for your cats and dogs. Our Chicken Jerky with Carrot is a delectable reward that will set your pets' tails wagging with joy.


Order now and treat your pets to the delight of Coco's Chicken Jerky with Carrot! These flavorful treats will quickly become your pets' new favorite snack, eagerly anticipated every day.

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